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Northampton Roller Derby

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Pioneer Valley Roller Derby isn't just an amateur derby club - we're a family.

We have both women's and men's divisions. As you'd expect from the Valley, we support gender equality. We've been working to change the derby world by promoting equality while focusing on athleticism and sporting competition.

Fans: Get with the Program!

Have you ever been to a derby bout? ...Do you really know what's going on?

Whether you're a veteran derby enthusiast or a first timer, there's all sorts of interesting stuff for you to check out:

Wait .. what's this derby thing?

Roller derby is a full contact sport. Derby merges the fast pace of quad speed skating with the action, strategy, and thrills of full contact sports like football and rugby.

Unlike days gone by -  when roller derby was played on a banked track - we play on a flat track. Games take place on an oval track 53 feet wide by 88 feet long. If you're lucky, you can sit on the edge of the track. And if you're really lucky - a skater might fall in your lap!

Also - our games (called bouts) are not scripted, nor do they feature staged or excessive violence.

Roller derby bouts offer something for everyone. Children especially love the big hits and falls. Sports enthusiasts find the simultaneous offensive and defensive strategies titillating!

Our skaters practice hard and train harder but we'll always greet you with a smile. Grab one of us for  photos, signatures, or just say "hi" after the bout. Learn more about Enjoying a Roller Derby Bout.

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