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Northampton was governed by a Board of Selectmen from its founding in 1654 until 1883 when it was incorporated as a city. The first city-wide election was held in December of that year.
Year Elected


1883 Benjamin E. Cook, Jr.
1886 Arthur G. Hill
1888 Jeremiah Brown
1890 Jasper E. Lambie
1891 John B. O'Donnell
1893 Henry A. Kimball
1895 John N. Mason
1896 John L. Mather
1897 Henry P. Field
1898 John L. Mather
1900 Arthur Watson
1901 Henry C. Hallett
1904 Theobold M. Connor
1906 Egbert I. Clapp
1907 James W. O'Brien
1909 Calvin Coolidge
1911 William Feiker
1916 Alvertus J. Morse
1919 M. J. FitzGerald
1921 Harry E. Bicknell
1923 Edward J. Woodhouse
1924 William Feiker
1925 William Welch
1927 Jesse A. G. Andre
1929 Homer Bliss
1933 James P. Boland
1935 Charles L. Dunn
1937 William Feiker
1939 Charles J. O'Connor
1941 Walter O'Donnell
1944 Edmond J. Lampron
1946 Edwin L. Olander
1949 Luke F. Ryan
1951 Pierre Drewsen
1953 James Cahillane
1959 Durbin H. Wells
1961 Wallace J. Puchalski
1969 Sean M. Dunphy
1975 David Cramer
1977 Harry S. Chapman
1979 David B. Musante
1991 Mary Ford
1999 - 2011

Mary Clare Higgins
Clare Higgins began serving the citizens of Northampton as Mayor in January, 2000 and has been reelected by the voters six times.

David Narkewicz is Northampton's current Mayor (2012)

Source: Historic Northampton

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