Northampton Airport

Northampton AirportThe Northampton Airport is a privately-owned, public-use airport located in Northampton, Massachusetts.

160 Old Ferry Road Northampton, MA 01060
(tel) 413 584-7980 413 387-3665 (fax)

Located on the beautiful Connecticut River, the airport has a 3365" runway with a 24-hour self-service 100 LL fuel stop, fully licensed flight school, certified maintenance department and FBO office. The airport also has individual t-hangar, community hangar, executive hangar, and tie-down space on field and for lease. Check out our event calendar and bulletin board in order to keep up to date about airport events and happenings.

A familiar sight to all: the Connecticut River and countryside
seen from the dow - by Tom Martin

The Northampton Airport was opened as a commercial airport on April 1, 1929. Charles Lindbergh, Ruth Nichols, and the Granville brothers (who were responsible for building the Geebee airplane) were among the historical aviators that flew into the airport. Records indicate that Lindbergh flew in multiple times in order to visit his then girlfriend, Anne Murrow, at Smith College. It is also said that Amelia Earhart studied airframe maintenance in downtown Northampton, and although not officially documented, probably did some flight training at the Northampton Airport.

In addition, the 30th U.S. President, Calvin Coolidge, a Northampton native would utilize the airport when making visits home.

During World War II the airport was used as a naval training facility and trained many pilots for the war effort. One of the instructors during this period, Roger Atwood, can still be found visiting the airport on a daily basis.

The airport has been in continuous operation since its inception in 1929. For several years prior to that, it had been used for barnstorming. In 1997 the old runway received a facelift, including: a new runway, taxiways, lights, and a rotating beacon. The airport is surrounded by landmarks that make it easier to find, in spite of its size. The Holyoke Mountain range is located to the south, the Berkshires Mountain Range to the west, and the Connecticut River flows parallel to the runway.